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If the first signs of cold start appear, a bee pitch will help. life


According to Juozas Jokim, a veterinarian of bees growing in Switzerland, we said that immunity enhancement and effective cold medicine should be found in the hive, not elsewhere.

"It looks like a weird sticky monster, but it's a virus-destructive magic trick." Propolis, widely used in plant propagation material, is used to cover hives to avoid drafts and harmful moisture, says J.Jokimas.

Beekeepers argue that the therapeutic effect of this substance is determined by the many biologically active substances contained in the propolis ingredient. Most polyphenols are found in propolis, the major part being flavonoids. The essentials are aromatic acids and their esters, essential oils, trace elements, vitamins and amino acids. This substance is involved in the immune response and is essential for the essential function of the body.

The beekeeper's wife, pharmacist and herbalist Vida Jokimienė also confirm the beneficial characteristics of propolis. "In the fall, there was always a lot of demand for children's immune strengthening and cold treatment. I am convinced that there are no beneficial substances for the prevention and treatment of colds, with five grandchildren and a long time pharmacist grandmother, I am a propolis. It is the true power to overcome various bacteria and viruses when it becomes the first symptom of cold start.

Fotolia picture / beating

Fotolia picture / beating

She thinks it is important not only to choose propolis products, but also to start using it consistently throughout the winter. "I always recommend a long-lasting natural Lithuanian propolis containing vitamin C and plant extracts based on taste, such as ginger, raspberry, etc. For many years, he has helped strengthen the immunity of family members as well as coping with cold diseases I gave it to you, "the pharmacist smiled.

Interestingly, using propolis can actually help suppress the first signs of sore throat, swallowing pain, and blocked noses. This is because the propolis ingredient disinfects, moisturizes and protects the mucous membranes. "A variety of studies have shown that bee pitch reduces the side effects of drugs, and when combined with other treatments, the treatment of various diseases is halved and much more quickly," says the pharmacist.

Scanpix / Flower and Bee Pitch Photos

Scanpix / Flower and Bee Pitch Photos

I agree that both pharmacists and beekeepers have anti-inflammatory substances in propolis that can easily catch cold symptoms. Propolis strengthens the body's natural abilities to protect itself from harmful microorganisms.

"It is very important to pay attention to the first signs." By taking the "tail" disease and using this natural antibiotic on a continuous basis, you can completely avoid treatment with chemicals. "- V. Joe Kimie et al.

According to her, propolis is extremely effective in reducing perforation and pain, relieving breathing and moisturizing the respiratory tract. According to herbal feeds using propolis, people preserve their disease resistance to the body.

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