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In Klaipėda, VAT had to be charged over the predators' victory over the last decade


In August 2008, an attempt was made to misappropriate assets, fraudulent accounting practices, counterfeiting of documents and fraud. One accused, who for the past 10 years hid the judiciary, eventually caught and handed it over to Lithuania.

Now and the general have to go to the defendants' bench for suspicion of prosecution in 2006 and 2008.

On 25 October, Laima Rokanskienė, the prosecutor of the second prosecutor's office of the Klaipeda Regional Prosecutor's Office, filed a lawsuit against the Klaipeda Provincial Court.

Over the past 40 years, M.L. accused of being involved in a criminal group, has helped to deceive the high-value property. ML was suspected that in 2006-2008 a false VAT invoice was introduced for the sale and purchase of goods, in agreement with a convicted group and another person to assist him in the fraud of VAT payments and these documents to the nature of the crime unidentified directors of other companies. According to the VAT invoices, the goods were purchased from companies registered in Lithuania, but they were actually purchased from companies in the Republic of Latvia.

M. L. (mostly homeless) who have agreed in a small amount to become false corporate executives.

The complexity of the preliminary test data shows that M.L. (mostly without domicile) who agreed to a small amount to be the directors of companies. Later, along with the other accused, he found and purchased the companies with the persons involved and ordered them to sign different documents for the transactions.

Another accused, who had twice believed that 54 year old A.T., was not just a helper to sign false VAT invoices for the sale of the goods. Presumably this situation applies, A.T. The trick captures the great value of the foreign property entrusted to it, says Ignis Rotautaitė-Pukenė, chief of staff at the Civil Aviation Department (Klaipėda) on Friday.

The data collected during the preliminary examination reasonably suggests that A.T., as the director of the company's trade, imitated his purchases and sales between his workplace and other companies. According to the document A.T. the job was purchased from other companies and paid in cash. Money spent on non-commodities – over € 224,000, the A.T. according to the document, it is likely to be absorbed and used for its own needs.

Furthermore, it is allegedly A.T. He also worked in another company whose director he was. The possible amount of this appropriation also exceeds EUR 224 000.

In the case of these offenses, value added tax, corporation tax and social security contributions have not been paid into the budget of the Republic of Lithuania. Due to these crimes, the activities, assets, capital, liabilities and structures of certain companies can not be determined in part.

In the case of suspicion that these crimes have been committed, the 40-year-old M.L. fly abroad. In December 2011, the suspect was found and the search was published. In August 2014, a European Arrest Warrant was issued against it. August 2016 M.L. arrested in Italy but was not transported to Lithuania. The Venice Court of Appeal released in December 2016, but knowing the European arrest warrant issued to him, M.L. does not return to Lithuania. In May of this year, a man was arrested in France and taken to Lithuania. He is currently being arrested in court.

The preliminary investigation was carried out by the officials of the Klaipėda County Public Administration of the Financial Crime Investigation Service.

In the lawsuit filed by the State Tax Inspectorate, a civil claim amounting to EUR 138,000 446 was filed.

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