Wednesday , September 28 2022

Kaunas – focus only on vascular surgery


"There has been a breakthrough in medicine in the last decade with minimal interventions to treat deep venous thrombosis, pelvic venous disturbances, renal vein thrombosis, and venous anomalies," said Kaunas Medical School director of cardiovascular plastic surgery. . Lina Velička.

Doctors say the disease is the most common cause of chronic, physical and mental suffering among younger working age people.

Due to the fact that pelvic and venous blood pressure syndromes are difficult to diagnose diseases requiring expert cooperation, the 17th International Deep Vein Intervention in Kaunas, November 11-12, Doctors in several fields in Lithuania: radiologists, obstetricians, urologists, surgeons and vascular surgeons.

"At this meeting we will focus on the latest diagnostic methods for deep vein disease and will help us choose modern therapies through cardiovascular intervention. The patient will be undergoing surgery together. We will be able to raise questions and discuss with experts at the meeting while watching the broadcasts, so that questions about deep vein treatment will be lessened and more patients will be able to have a better life "- emphasized the meeting exclusive document. L. Velička.

The conference will be hosted by the Baltic Phlebological Society with the Association of Lithuanian Vascular Surgeons, the Polish Gymnastics Association, the Lithuanian Cardiovascular Society, and the Kaunas Clinic.

This conference will share the experience of renowned experts in the diagnosis and treatment of deep venous pathologies in the world. Marzena Frolow (Poland) Dr. Veronika Palmiste – Kallion (Estonia), Professor. Dr. Tomasz Urbanek (Poland), Professor. Dr. Radosław Pietura (Poland), Ph.D. Esteban Javier Malo (Spain).

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