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Phone fraud Attacks: How do you protect yourself and these people?


The damage in Mozambique and the Congo in the tsunami of Lithuania has once again reminded us that fraudsters are using every possible means of reliance on people, businesses and carriers. There are dozens of ways in which many people come into contact with Lithuanians. So how do you identify and target the fraudster?

Phone fraud Attacks: How do you protect yourself and these people?

"The damage caused by phone scams around the world is estimated to be in the billions of euros, and lighters from phone numbers from other countries are just one way to use them – they use people's trust and habits. , SMS will contact the number, help if a close friend or friend is absent, check the prize with SMS with a special code, hardware gap is abused, people should be able to distinguish between rats and grains, It's important not to resist temptation, "says Darius Meizeraitis, international business manager for Telia.

The attack last weekend reminded us that we did not need to answer all of the missed calls because we ignored emails from the prince. A letter worth a million heritage. And most importantly, be careful because fraudsters constantly check people's trust. So what kind of phone fraud methods are popular in Lithuania and the world?

It uses human purity.

Often Lithuanians face money fraudsters who seem to be losing money, internet banking, bank cards and personal data to government officials, banks, workers, or even relatives. Old-fashioned but common-if people want to impose certain goods or services. In both cases, there is a rush of signs of fraud. It's important to remember that people can call the state agency or the company's official office. If you are talking about a friend or relative, you should contact them directly.

People need to be careful not only by responding to calls, but by sending SMS messages. Because in some cases they cost more than they see. In Lithuania, there was a case in which a person who sent an SMS message with a short-cut tariff number became a subscriber to the service, and a fee of several euros was charged on a weekly basis.

"People can be asked to send a message to themselves, for example, to provide a lottery ticket and acquire a gorgeous smartphone, and when someone clicks on an online ad and they are automatically created by phone – We need a button. We block these fake services and lottery tickets for our customers, but new cases can be repeated at any time, so we always ask our customers to let us know that, "recalls D. Meizeraitis.

The scammers can send SMS messages directly. Popular fraud in foreign countries is when people send SMS messages on behalf of their banks, informing them of changes or obligations, and asking for more information on their designated phone. After collecting, the scammer attempts to retrieve personal bankcard or online banking data from the other end of the handset.

A scammer may post an ad on the Internet to send you an SMS or phone if you sell or make a purchase. The purpose of this trick is to get a person's product without any consideration or to give up money without making a promised purchase. In such cases, it is easier to protect yourself from fraud by meeting the buyer or seller directly.

You can not protect yourself from all attacks.

Sending or sending SMS messages at premium rates can be triggered automatically by malicious devices. These processes are done in the background and people can not view or stop them. Gadgets that perform these tasks are removed from trusted gadget storage, such as the Apple App Store or Google Play, but people should pay close attention to the permissions that the application installs. For example, if the calculator requests access to SMS and call management, you need to find someone else. There is also a high risk for people installing gadgets from untrusted sources. However, this type of fraud is being monitored worldwide, and harmful figures are identified in blacklists blocked by international organizations.

While traveling, people are also faced with phone scams. If your phone is connected to an untrusted operator network, the busy part may not be in the correct location. For example, if you call a landlord in a country in Africa you can hear the handset, but on the other side you can hear "Hello" exotic music, not Lithuanian. You can make a second call to the subscriber by phone, but the first call will be charged and your local operator or agent will be in your pocket.

"So-called" False Answer Supervision "attacks and people can not protect themselves in any way because they are performed by the country's operators, which is extremely rare and can only occur in an exotic country. This is not appropriate in Europe because operators agree on a low roaming tariff on the continent as well as large, well-known companies operating in many countries. In other countries, the better the partner the operator has, the more likely they are to face such problems "- D. Meizeraitis says:

Phone fraud can benefit not only people but also telecommunications providers. For example, business customers have a telephone company called the Private Branch Exchange (PBX). A PBX can earn revenue from telephone calls between operators by disconnecting a large number of calls to certain countries, networks, or certain numbers. If you find any of these cases, please let them know.

Preliminary shame is not so.

"Two things are important to fighting all the scammers, most importantly, the experience of a business operator: the more a company is aware of different types of crime, the better the partner, the better the safety of the customer." Second, People are aware and helpful. People report suspicious activity and our specialists contribute to public education. You need to go to after school, have your child set a password on the phone, can not unlock it, and have an unknown WiFi connection. Explain that you can not. "D. Meizeraitis.

Telia's experts summarize tips for people to keep your keys carefully and keep your cell phone in the same location as other assets: use passwords, do not unlock strangers, make unknown calls, Avoid, block your account and change your password.

People keep credit lines because of the huge unexpected costs for mobile. All new Telia customers will be given a credit limit of € 100, which can be increased or decreased by calling the operator.

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