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Public restrooms, NASA and desserts – What does Android mean?


Android is the world's most popular operating system. Over 80% installed last year. All Smartphones. This system, developed by Google, has been familiar to users for 11 years, but some facts about it are still amazing.

Public restrooms, NASA and desserts - What does Android mean?

Note – Arnold Lukošius, an expert at the Tele2 Innovation Bureau, shares six amazing facts about the Android system.

1. Who actually created Android?

Android belongs to the giant Google, but it started with Android and its founder, Andy Rybino, in the world that introduced the operating system in 2007. Released in 2003, this operating system was originally designed for digital cameras, so it needed to connect wirelessly to computers and store photos in the cloud. This Android starter was purchased by Google two years later.

2. Non-edible dessert

Google has been a fun tradition for almost a decade. Since the first versions of Android, "0.1" and 1.1, the company has given each new operating system the name of confectionery or dessert. From cakes, mussels, soups to cherries, it was delivered in August. Android 9.0 Pie) Each statue is also designed and depicted by name. The park is across from Google's corporate headquarters in California's lawn.

3. Logo History

Green Android Robot is well known around the world, but not only because of the popularity of the operating system, but also in 2007, Google designer Irina Blok created a new logo on its logo, a well-known icon for women and a common toilet door. It was affected. According to designers, robots and dolls decorated with antennas were supposed to ensure brand awareness.

4. Used by NASA

Android developers can boast astounding achievements in space-consuming NAS operating systems. US Airways) In 2010, Google first commercialized Nexus as an appropriate agency for use with the International Space Station.

5. News portal dedicated to Android.

The world's most popular operating system is Phandroid, a separate news portal. This site began the day Google officially introduced the first version of Android in 2007. Now this online portal is news for all Google companies and products as well as operating system news.

6. Open Source System

On other operating systems Android is open-ended. Everyone can contribute to the creation through Google's launched Android Open Source Project (AOSP) project. Not only can Android fans report interruptions, they can contribute to gadget creation or to the development of new programming versions of the system.

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