Monday , October 3 2022

The number of new cars dropped sharply. Analysts do not like predictions.


According to the consulting firm, the number of new car registrations dropped to 10.15 million in October. The number of registrations in October was 1,094 million. The decline in sales has cut automotive industry growth forecasts in the region and elsewhere.

The new WLTP was launched on September 1, causing automobile manufacturers such as Volkswagen and Renault to discontinue the supply of some models.

"Many of the cars that were discontinued by WLTP in September were already on the market in October, but it will take some time for sales to increase," said David Oakley, an analyst with LMC Automotive.

LMC cars fell to 2018. Auto sales are projected at 14.5 to 14.4 million. car. According to the company's forecast, 1.454 million units will be sold in 2019. car.

According to LMC Automotive representatives' forecasts, we are considering the slowing down of economic growth in some important markets.

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