Saturday , June 3 2023

Theft car of the famous actress Toma Razmislavičiūtė-Juodė: It is claimed that the thief is most often interested in this model.


Terrible sound

The woman found the car she stole this morning. “I knew when to go to work. When I got into the car and started it, I heard a terrible sound. So I was scared to immediately turn off the engine and lower the car. I thought it would explode, “said T. Razmislavičiūtė-Juodė.

“I immediately thought they were away from my car. I invited a man and a man as masters. When he found that the car had been completely dismantled, he immediately ordered to report it to the police. Toyota Prius cars are equipped with very expensive catalytic converters. The damage was at least 800 euros,” said the victim.

30-40 minutes work

As T. Razmislavičiūtė-Juodė told the news portal JP, the policeman who came to the scene claimed that cars of this brand were most often affected.

“At that time we just noticed. In my case it disintegrated nicely. Because there was no Jack mark, the police found thieves left under the car. The robbery was confirmed to have taken 30 to 40 minutes.” “The woman opened the door. Opened.

This is not the first case.

Tadas Martinaitis, chief expert of the Panevėžys County Police Commissioner’s Communications Group, explained that these robberies were not the first.

“Toyota Panus car owners in the Panebezi Swai region suffer a lot. In all cases disappearing is a catalyst. Here and in Pažagieniai last week, a catalytic converter was stolen from such a car,” explained T. Martinaitis.

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