Thursday , March 30 2023

This weekend, even three asteroids and volatile comets pass through the earth.


The clash with the Earth's comet will not hurt us as it will burn and burn as soon as we enter the atmosphere of our planet.

There is a possibility that there will be no harm in the collision with the earth's comet. As soon as we get to the atmosphere of our planet, it will burn and the stars will fall. / Scanpix photo

NASA's eyes catch up with three giant asteroids and a comet that needs to scroll the globe this weekend. The first of these 2018 VS1 asteroids 1 386 771 km on our planet departs at 14:03. On Saturday

Experts in California believe the size ranges from 3.65 meters to 27.7 meters. There is no risk that an asteroid will encounter the Earth, but the consequences can be really bad.

The second asteroid, whose size and speed are different, is similar to the first asteroid, but at a much safer distance of 502 million kilometers.

But the third asteroid will fly away. The CX1 asteroid passes through Earth at about 18:21. The distance to us on Saturday is only 381,474 km. This is a smaller street separating the earth and the moon.

Objects flying around the sun occasionally have access to Earth.

Let's say that a "close" astronomical imbalance can be very far from a "human" perspective of millions, even tens of millions of kilometers. The US space agency warned.

And if it is not enough, it will participate in this trio as a horrible looking, skull-shaped comet.

Formally known as 2015 TB145, it was the last time on Earth since October 31, 2015. On our planet this time it will be located at about 486 022 km, which is about 1.3 streets separating the earth and the moon.

This particular type of object is actually a ghost of a sun-ruined comet, a dead comet that has existed for millions of years around our star.

Its diameter is reported to be about 700 meters.

The asteroid is essentially made of rock or metal, and the comet is made up of ice and rock.

Even Halloween and even the name of death, what is called the rock of the universe, has long been a state of comet until it evaporates and it is believed to be "dead."

It will not harm you as it will become a burning star as soon as you enter the Earth's atmosphere when it hits the Earth.

But with Earth, there is nothing to fear about the above-mentioned comet or three other asteroids.

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