Wednesday , June 7 2023

Why does the Porsche starter lock fit on the left side of the steering wheel?


If you hire a Porsche with a steering wheel on the left, there is an ignition device on the left. If the handle is to the right, the ignition is on the right. This is a completely rare and completely unusual solution.

Most people are right-handed and are accustomed to turning their keys with their right hand. Moreover, because this design is characteristic of most cars, the first Porsche driver has lost a little. And who needs it?

Sometimes it is assumed that Porsche on the right side of the steering wheel wants to leave more room for the necessary devices and switches.

The panel on the right side assumes more value than the small area on the left. Therefore, it can only be installed in front of the exit and when using the device (locking device).

But the real reason is tradition.

There are many sports victories in Porsche history. This racing car manufacturer, the absolute 24-hour Le Mans race champion, won the 19th. The race of Le Mans was different in the past.

The car was built along the wall, and the driver started off with them. When they got the tickets, they had to go into the car and leave it up.

Porsche calculated that installing a starter key on the exterior of the steering wheel would save a few seconds because the driver could start the car and turn on the gear.

The start of the Le Mans race is completely different from these days. For safety reasons, the driver is no longer in the vehicle.

But because Porsche is very interested in tradition, the ignition is next to the door. It emphasizes the history of the Porsche race and at the same time distinguishes it.

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