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& # 39; 99 – Mansion mansion preservation efforts |


BUKIT MERTAJAM (Nov. 10): It was a huge mansion once known as Caledonia House, but now it is infested with time-destroyed termites.

Ramsden, the original owner of the managin director of Penang Rubber Estates, died in a mysterious situation.

star He reportedly was shot twice behind his head after being killed by communist guerrillas in 1948.

The dark past that caused the story attached to this house.

After the collapse of the Ramsden family property, the land was sold to pawnbrokers who divided the land into smaller lots for resale.

The & # 39; 99-Door Mansion & # 39; believed to have been built in 1916 is now surrounded by palm trees in an amusement park in Byram.

There are 5 to 6 of 10 rooms, with balconies, dance halls, living rooms and kitchens with rest doors.

The land in front of the mansion was a runway for a small plane in the past.

A daily report showing former Bukin Tambun former governor Ng Swee Ching, who owned a mansion after buying a part of Byram estate, later resold it to Perak's businessman in the early 1970s.

We can not contact the current owner.

"I've been looking after the mansions and the mansions for the past 20 years.

"We had to keep the mansion far away so that people would not be hurt anymore.

"That's why I was locking the fence at the entrance," the custodian of the real estate quoted daily.

The preservation efforts of the Penang Heritage Trust and the Seberang Prai Municipal Council (MPSP) failed because the property was on a private property.

Jawi congressman Jason H "Mooi Lye said the building should be classified as a legacy building.

"We can help the owner and preserve the mansion.

"But because it is private, there is nothing we can do," he said.

Mohd Ridzal Abdul, director of the MPG Heritage and Tourism Division, said applications for heritage sites were sent to the National Heritage Bureau.

"We have designated the building as a legacy building, but because it is private, the owner must agree.

"If the owner agrees, the state will have to consider purchasing land and highways adjacent to the mansion land."

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