Tuesday , May 30 2023

Hakmam supports the ratification of the ICERD and condemns the recent threat of racial anxiety.


PETALING JAYA: The National Human Rights Commission (Hakami) welcomed the government's recent proposal to ratify all forms of racial discrimination in Malaysia (ICERD).

In his statement, Hakim's secretary general, Lim Wei Jiet, said he supports the will of Dr Mahathir Mohamad, who, in consultation with all stakeholders, has helped to alleviate any unfounded fears. . Federal constitutional

The statement comes despite Dr. Mahathir saying that the implementation of ICERD would entail revising the federal constitution. This is almost impossible because the Supreme Court requires a two-thirds majority of the congressmen.

He said it was almost impossible because of the composition of the government 's Dewan Rakyat and the reaction of opposition parties and government members.

However, he said the ICERD racial equality goal is in line with the principle of equality and non-discrimination guaranteed under Article VIII of the Federal Constitution.

He said the ICERD ratification guarantees national responsibility for dealing with the country 's prevalent racial discrimination, including the documented discrimination in academic circles on bipipetaine of private workers.

"Malaysia is responsible to the international community for the pursuit of equality of race," he said on behalf of the Hakim Executive Committee.

He said in accordance with Article 153 that the threat to special privileges and the elimination of discrimination against the Malays are groundless.

According to him, Articles 1 (4) and 2 (2) of ICERD itself allow "special measures" including discrimination.

He said that discrimination or "special measures" under the ICERD are in fact considered an integral part of the concept of equality and do not constitute "racism".

"It is important to point out that ICERD's inter-state grievance mechanism has called on Palestine to take responsibility for discriminatory practices in Palestine in April 2018.

"The people of Malaysia must do what we tell them, in a situation where all the nations condemning Israel's atrocities and racial discrimination against Palestinians are united," he added.

Lim urged rational, objective and peaceful debate from all parties to the ICERD ratification.

"Hakam criticizes the threat of rioting to prevent rational discussion of the need for ratification of the ICERD, while at the same time the Malaysian government must be educated and constructive Expressed public support for ICERD.

He said that the government is not alone in this journey because Hakam believes that many NGOs will wholeheartedly support this effort and provide all the support they can.

Hakam was the first human rights NGO in Malaysia to be registered under the 1966 Civil Law.

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