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I think the world is ready for homosexual kids icons: Fantastic Beasts 2 Actor Jude Law


By: New York Times |

Published: November 18, 2018 10:19:16 am

Jude Law poses in the world premiere of the Grindelwald crime in Paris. (AP Photo / Christophe Ena)

Even the Jude Law feels nervous. In particular, he met JK Rowling in the crime of a fantastic beast, Albus Dumbledore: Grindelwald.

The author of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts says, "She is making great efforts to make you feel comfortable when you know someone is special.

She also never peeled off the layers of Dumbledore. Rowling, the successful wizard and last Hogwarts principal, began to walk and speak as if it was being pushed by some strange force for 2-1 / 2 hours. . Sky high on heels.


The court said, "It was like a purge and a confession, and she seemed alive."

Like his Dumbledore at his young age, the law keeps the weight of the literary role that Richard Harris and Michael Gambon brought to life in the Harry Potter movie. He also reveals the decisive moments of Dumbledore. A romantic contact with his dark colleague Gellert Grindelwald, Johnny Depp.

Rowling sent Dumbledore to fans in 2007, but Harry Potter's books and movies are stunned by his sexuality. Earlier this year, director David Yates showed an enthusiastic attitude, saying that Dumbledore would be "not explicitly gay" for the second time in the franchise's fifth planned film.

"He did not say that," the law said. "Every time I asked, I thought," Yes, yes. "(Yeats said he took a" very sensual "scene later on.)

Next month Law will describe the slapid manager of Vox Lux's pop star, Natalie Portman. In March we spend the same time as Walter Lawson, the mentor of Brie Larson's Marvel Captain superhero Brie Larson. And he will soon be filming HBO's The New Pope. The New Pope is the sequel to The Young Pope, the first pope in the United States.

On a rainy morning in New York, St. Regis drank hot water with lemon and talked about the blessing of Dumbledore's slippers, the future of the fantastic beasts of Depp, and his good looks, according to London law .

Here's an excerpt from the conversation.

Q: Well, Dumbledore. Did they have that role in mind from the beginning?

A: No, I do not believe that. I knew they wanted to reclaim this character. So I went ahead. And they took it very seriously. They wanted to make sure they had the right people, and they could sit in front of the camera and look at me. I wanted to audition as if I wanted to audition. "Can we play millions of loved ones?"

Q: What insight did JK Rowling provide?

A: I spent my childhood and showed me how the emotion affected this young man. Of course, one of the important relationships we talked about was our relationship with Gellert Grindelwald. It was a formative way in that it was intense, intimate and passionate. The first time Dumbledore meets his game is that they have escaped for reasons I can not divulge. And it pushes them in the opposite direction and leaves a scar between them. It is still open after 25 years.

Q: How does David Yates mean that Dumbledore is not "explicitly" gay?

A: Here's how it works: It's not about homosexuality, it's not about sexual orientation. But the relationship is clearly an element that defines who he is and what it is about. I also do not think he is the one who gave his heart or soul to many people. In the aftermath of his relationship he left Lille, and he filled his heart with ice. To be honest, nobody could unzip it.

Q: Is the world ready for homosexual icons?

A: I think the whole world is ready. If not, there must be good blood flow.

Q: Will Johnny Depp be on the next movie? [Amber Heard, Depp’s ex-wife, accused him of physical abuse, an accusation he denies.]

A: I think so.

Q: Is there a romance?

A: I do not know.

Q: At Brady Corbet's Vox Lux, you are Celeste's dirty manager. The survivor of the school shoot became a pop star.

A: Brady's first movie <유년기의 지도자>. I was so impressed with ambition and boldness. So he sent a script. To me it is like a wicked sister born star. Eventually, you realize that the two have survived together, and they are wondering who the drug addicts are and who the dealers are.

Q: Celeste commemorates Parkland, Florida, and reminds students to celebrate and slander at the same time.

A: Unfortunately, it appears monthly, and is used as a starting point for media relations, celebrities, music and culture. The idea that you follow a survivor and survive is a curse that is attached to her. I would like to think that the victim of this terrible scenario would say, "Someone actually shines in light to God."

Q: The Woody Allen project, "New York's Rainy Day," was pre-empted by Amazon during the #MeToo exercise. What brings dust into your work?

A: That's terrible. I want to see it. People really worked hard and put a lot of things in it. I certainly included myself.

Q: After daughter Dylan Farrow's alleged child molestation against Allen has been re-emerged, some of the actors have moved away from telling them that they will not contribute a salary or work with him again. You did not. [Allen has denied the accusations.]

A: To be honest, I really did not want to participate. I just do not feel like it is my place to comment. And it is a delicate situation. It feels like I've said enough about it. It's private. [As for working with Allen again], I do not know. I will have to consider carefully.

Q: Is #MeToo willing to reconsider the roles you have chosen?

A: You should always check the effect on parts and how to handle parts. We had an interesting conversation about this at The Nest. [a forthcoming psychodrama about a businessman and his family] Because of my personality and the way others around me treat women in the office. It began in 1986 and people were discussing, "Do we hurt your ass or use scornful words?" And I, Wait, we were not in the '80s. We are making this movie now. Yes, you can include points if you say & # 39; wrong & # 39; but if you do not, you do not have to continue myth. "

Q: There are many articles about your beauty. Is it a blessing or a curse?

A: Screaming as an actor is scary because people want to make guesses. So a golden boy or a beautiful young man is clearly worried about me. What if my hair falls? Are you getting old? The good news is that I feel like I'm 40 years old. There were more chances to play on the type or in my comfort zone.

Is not appearance fun? I do not know. I feel much more to talk about. In that sense, I am 45 years old. If people are "desperately looking good," I would say, "I'm really happy to hear that."

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