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PKR, participation in auditors to investigate missing voting claims – Country


PETRING JAYA: PKR will be involved in consulting and auditing companies to investigate suspected allegations in recent polls.

PKR Communications Director, Famil Fadal (Picture) (Nov. 13) statement that the Politburo has asked Baker Tilly, an accounting and consulting firm, to investigate the allegations made by the chief hopeful Akmal Nasir.

"The PKR political office instructed Baker Tilly to verify the integrity of the investigative system and to provide prompt feedback.

"The party will announce the appointment of an accounting firm to conduct an independent audit of the entire voting process in the near future," said Pami.

Akmal claimed on Tuesday (November 13th) that he did not get 8,926 votes in favor of Rafizi Ramli's vice presidential candidate at a news conference.

At the same time, Fahmi will conduct a survey of the party's polls on all executive bodies, including the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Committee, the Royal Malaysian Police and the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission.

He also urged the Central Election Commission (JPP) to resolve swiftly the question of the suspicious votes of Julia Wu, Pen Xiang and Tawau. Both Vice-President candidates urged that the process be followed.

Fahmi also added, however, that the Politburo took the position of "accepting the JPP's decision on the Julau, Pensiangan and Tawau factions."

He made it clear that the PKR General Assembly will be held on 16-18 November, as previously announced.

Datong Rasheddin JPP chairman said on Tuesday, November 13, there will be no re-election in Sarawak's Julau district election, and the re-election results of the Tawau and Pensiangan divisions will be revealed when the check is issued.

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