Wednesday , June 7 2023

Putrajaya, who does not hurry to ratify ICERD, says Azmin


PKR Deputy Mohammed Azmin Ali (center) exchanged views with other party leaders in parliament.

SHAH ALAM: Current incumbent PKR vice minister Mohamed Azmin Ali says the government is not in a hurry to ratify the ICERD.

The minister of finance said the government does not have to worry about plans to ratify international agreements on all forms of racial elimination.

He came up with policies that guaranteed equality and economic justice for all races.

"We have taken action to ensure that all races are equitable and economic.

"The economic policy introduced by Anwar Ibrahim (appointed by the president of PKR) is based on need, not race, and we did it," he said in a speech at the PKR National Congress today.

He added that the PKR should be proud of practicing such a culture and not give in to outside authority to teach its members what to do.

Earlier, Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad said the government would ratify ICERD only after considering the interests of all ethnic groups.

He admitted that each species was not an easy thing to be considered sensitive.

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