Saturday , June 3 2023

Tanooki Mario will be available in Lego form in 2021.


Lego’s Next Collection Super mario-The theme set includes Mario’s iconic Tanuki suit with a new “Power Up Pack” released on January 1. The Tanooki Suit is just one of the new. Super mario The LEGO set coming out next year includes a new 366-piece Master Your Adventure Maker set, three new expansion sets, a pack of ten collectible characters, and a second power-up pack with a penguin costume for the Italian plumber.

For those unfamiliar with the Mario set released earlier this year, the idea is to build a 2D style level that allows players to manually move the LEGO Mario statue from the starting pipe to the goal flag. You earn coins when you walk a mario statue through the level, flip it over enemies, or interact with other level elements. This new set expands what you can build and how you play levels by adding new figures, bricks, and level options.

The $9.99 Tanooki Mario Power-Up Pack contains a new costume for the character.
Image: Lego

In the promotional video above, Lego shows how Mario turns into a $9.99 Tanuki suit and makes a sound when the player “spins” him or uses him to hit an enemy. Meanwhile, the $9.99 penguin costume recognizes when Mario glides off the ship. Previous costumes included Fire Mario, Cat Mario, and Builder Mario.

The $59.99 Master Your Adventure Maker Set is the largest of the new kits to be released next year. Lego says it includes three “special bricks” that can be customized to produce different effects when interacting with Mario, and a new starting pipe that allows players to create new rules for how they should go through the level.

The new Master Your Adventure creator set includes 366 pieces.
Image: Lego

In addition to the new maker set, there are 3 extension sets available: $19.99 Chain Chomp Jungle Encounter, $29.99 Piranha Plant Puzzling Challenge, and $39.99 Wiggler’s Poison Swamp. Finally, there is a new set of $4.99 character packs that include characters like Fly Guy, Parachute Goomba, and Thwimp.

It’s a pretty massive collection and suggests that Nintendo and Lego have done little to complete collaboration.

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