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The creative director of the new Playboy Club in New York City says it finds two attributes when hiring Playboy Bunny. And there's a red flag that keeps somebody from getting a job.



Playboy Club New YorkKatie Warren / Business Insider

  • About 40 Playboy Bunnies work at the recently opened Playboy Club in New York City.
  • The club's creative director, Richie Notar, told Business Insider that he found two key points when hiring a rabbit.
  • They want the rabbit to have a warm temperament so people can feel comfortable when they open the door and continue to do fun things out of their lives.

Approximately 40 Playboy Bunnies have recently been carefully selected for work at the Playboy Club in New York City.

The creative director of the club, Richie Notar, found two key points when hiring a rabbit to work for a club at Business Insider.

First of all, they look for people who are warmly welcomed.

"It's like going through a door and going home in that cruel and terrible world in New York City, so you smile and hold someone," Notar told Business Insider. "Are not you a reservation?" I want to face my eyes. "

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If someone makes you feel comfortable when you walk in the door, your experience at the club will change.

"From that point on, the food tastes better and the table is more comfortable," Notar said. "Everything looks better if you feel you are in good hands."

Notar said he is looking for candidates who have something interesting in life beyond work.

"One of the things I want to do is focus on people who have something exciting outside of this area," Notar said. "I hope they will be fun in a way other than bringing you alcohol."

The dental hygienist is one of the club employee's rabbits with an opera singer who agreed to sing "Happy Birthday to Opera" to customers rather than the joy of Notar.

Of course, former hospitality experience is a bonus, Notar said. "But my philosophy is always to start with a good person."

If Notar will not tolerate potential rabbits it is an attitude.

In New York, when a restaurant gets hotter, I say, "I am sending you in and giving you a favor." My attitude does not change because there are so many attitudes. "

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