Sunday , January 29 2023

WWE Quiz: Miz – How Much Do You Know About A-Lister?


Miz is someone who should not be successful in WWE.

Entering a difficult time due to MTV's limitations on The Real World, no one expected much from Michael Mizanin's constant self. Even when he was hired as a host on Friday night at SmackDown, many people did not think of him more than being in the fans.

Nevertheless, he made his debut in September 2006 and did not look back.

Detected by many as a contrast to wrestler making, he broke the glass ceiling and had an incredible success. Miz made the Intercontinental Championship relativistic and received an unforgettable feud with Dolph Ziggler, John Cena & Daniel Bryan, receiving the WWE championship as Randy Orton's classic cashman.

Anyway, how much do you know about A Lister? Who knocked the ladder before he got his money from the bank? Did Leslie Mania perform the main event with me? What did Daniel Bryan call him? Did Miz bring about a notorious collapse in Talking Smack ?!

Test yourself and find out against our quiz.

Answer in the end!

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