Monday , October 3 2022

AMLO Announces Expansion of Contract with Private Hospitals to Treat Covid Patients


President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) Announced that it will increase the number. Private hospital To treat the patient Coronavirus infection -19: Corona 19.

The chief executive said, “We will expand the consensus to ensure that we can better take care of those affected by COVID.”

López Obrador stressed that more beds are now available for public hospitals at a morning meeting at the National Palace. agreement For what Private hospital As well as providing free care to patients with other diseases Coronavirus Infectious Disease-19: Corona 19.

“What’s going on right now is leaving the hospital with more specialized doctors, more equipment, more lives. Also, private hospitals were also chosen to treat severely ill patients with COVID. This wasn’t taken into account. The first of the contracts. In the first phase, patients with other illnesses were given beds in public hospitals and treated in private hospitals to treat COVID patients.”

Health Minister Jorge Alcocer said on April 13 that the federal government agreement With national associations Private hospital We work with a consortium of Mexican hospitals to ensure services to beneficiaries in public institutions

“Today we will be extending this contract with private hospitals, and they will provide the population with 50 COVID hospitals, selected as the best doctors and equipment, providing us with 150 additional beds.”

Who gets treatment in a private hospital?

President López Obrador explained that private hospitals will be present to beneficiaries of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), the Institute of Social Security and National Workers’ Services (ISSSTE), as well as patients without social security.

“I am not a Covid patient, but I will continue to care for patients with other illnesses, as well as social security, ISSSTE, non-social security patients, all with other illnesses. Now, COVID patients will also be treated, and 150 beds will be available in private hospitals to achieve their primary life-saving purpose.

He also has medical services emptied, “They’re not going to pay anything. That’s part of the public budget.”

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