Wednesday , March 29 2023

Digital commerce eradicates the traditional way.


* Fashion e-commerce in Mexico has achieved the best results.

Contenidos 2.0 reported that the digital age can reach more people with less investment in digital commerce than traditional commerce.

According to industry reports, BlackSip prepared 2018-2019 Mexican e-commerce sites in Liverpool, Mercado Libre, Amazon, Linio and Privalia.

He explained that e-commerce fashion in Mexico was made online with a deal of up to $ 80 for 8.4 purchases in 2017 as a second e-commerce study on fashion in Mexico was prepared by Amvo and Elogia, I was doing my best.

Juan Fernando Velez, Country Manager for BlackSip in Mexico, said, "Mexican consumers are taking fun, and buying and selling a product company will ensure loyalty to buyers as they get more promotions and benefits."

Meanwhile, the company said in a statement that retail e-commerce in Mexico accounted for 1.70 percent of total sales in 2017 and 2.47 percent in 2020.

He said Hot Sale, El Buen Fin, and dating like Christmas will allow consumers to purchase consumer electronics, video games and travel promotions.

He explained that sales at Hot Sale in 2016 increased by 33%. In 2017, it grew to 54%, and in 2018 it increased tremendously in many respects, such as 161.1 million web traffic.

This type of event is the driving force of ecommerce buying in Mexico, and Mexico is more actively involved each year. Reportage and Images: Notimex

Digital commerce eradicates the traditional way.

You can not imagine appearing in this league.

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