Monday , December 6 2021

Esport Awards: Fortnite is awarded as a highlight of the year


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In recent years, the popularity of S-Sports has grown rapidly and is already considered a professional sport in some countries. This growth promotes competition in the field and is held every year in the Esports Awards Europe.

There was no League of Legends, one of the most famous games of 2004, but the awards ceremony gala idea was awarded in 2004, which awarded awards for new categories such as journalism for many years.

Although this year was held in Germany in general, an award ceremony was held in London, but Fortnite was the main candidate for eliminating all the awards. It is impossible to say that we did not tell him. They played and became very popular.

* Esport is an anonymous hero of the year: Milos & # 39; Faceit Mikey & # 39; Nedeljkovic.

* Esports Video Producer of the Year: Davis & # 39; Hitch & # 39; Edwards.

* Photographer of the Year: Helena Kristiansson.

* Streaming Platform of the Year: Twitch (Twitch).

* Esports Game of the Year Revelation: Fortnite.

* Rookie of the year console: Kenny Williams.

Rookie of the Year on PC: Gabriel & # 39; Bwipo & Rau.

* Esports coverage Web site: ESPN.

* Esports Journalist of the Year: Jacob Wolf.

Best – of – a – kind Espot Team of the Year: Astralis CS: GO.

* Sports sponsors of the year: Evolved Talent Agency.

* Esports' business partners: Intel.

* Esports Hardware provider of the year: Nvidia.

* Best Move of the Year: Attached.

* Live Sports Event of the Year: Grand Final Overwatch League 2018.

* Narrator of the year: Maven.

* Esports Publisher of the year: Blizzard.

* Esports Year Game: Overwatch.

Sports Person of the Year: Ninja.

* Flag of the Year: Ninja.

PC Player of the Year: Oleksandr & # 39; smple & # 39; Kostyliev.

* Player of the Year: Mossad & MSdossary & Aldossary.

Organization of the Year: Cloud9.

As with all the awards, critics were not lacking, and the esports purist community Fortnite as a sportBecause in the most practical sense of justice, "requirements" are not yet called esports.

Another controversial decision was multiple awards to streamers. NinjaFortinet has been questioning the success of Fortnite over the last few months. Your support Epic GamesMany people think that their relationship with games is more commercial than commercial.

But the public is wise and says that many fans are attracting fans around the world. There is an answer to why Portland got this good result from the awards.

Please tell us your opinion. Do you think it is a prize money for an escort personality to a ninja? Which winner will change? Do you want to see this style of award in Latin America?

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