Wednesday , June 7 2023

Héctor Beltrán Leyva "El H" dies at a hospital in Toluca.



That Ministry of Internal Affairs (Sego)Around 4 pm this Sunday through the National Security Commission and a decentralized administrative organization for prevention and social adjustment, He is dead. In hospital Adolfo Lopez from Matteo Toluca, Mexico, After suffering heart attack, Intern Héctor Manuel Beltrán Leyva, Known as an alias "H".

The accused is file number 3889-AJ-16, I am a federal prison number 1, Altiplano, Since March 2, 2016, we have faced federal procedures for various crimes.

After his death, he notified the authorities immediately, conducted an autopsy of the law, informed his relatives, officially informed him of the procedure for delivering his body, and said, "It is the result of his death."

The fact was recorded at approximately 3: 7 pm, and the Criminal Security Officer was Beltrán Leyva There was severe pain on the left side of the chest., So doctors at the federal center immediately provided first aid in accordance with the protocol.

When he learned that he had not recovered, he took all the security measures against the prisoner and decided to move to a hospital where he was notified of his death after he was admitted to the shelter.

Segob said in a statement that 56-year-old Beltrán Leyva had received the medical treatment he needed and exhausted all the clinical resources to dispose of hospital staff as well as federal centers. .


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