Thursday , March 30 2023

Her provocative look posing with Celia Lora and topless


Celia Laura, Daughter's Álex Lora and Chela Lora, Takes a topless pose on a social network and directs the face from one of the images taken. warm In response, he monopolizes the interests of his followers. flattery

Celia Laura He left. vacation In ~ Riviera Maya I had the opportunity to show off his curve. Small bikini, Becoming topless, thousands of followers have emerged.They will be angry.

Alex Lora's daughter was in the pool without a provocative brassiere.
So he got over 50,000 "favorite people".

In another photo, Chela Lora climbed a swing modeling bikini with black and white details, Emphasized their curves.

Celia did not use the Instagram account description, but the publisher received 25,000 "favorite items".

Celia is an attractive model that is famous for appearing in various publications including Playboy Playmate. He has achieved more than 600,000 followers in his account. Instagram Selly_lora

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