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I will end up with a power group on the PAN.


Mako-cut - I ended up with Power Group
Marco Corté (left) meets Monterrey Mayor Felipe Cantú yesterday. Photo: Special

LMarko Cortés, who won PAN's national leadership, announced he would push for internal reform to end the power group that controls the party.

A new national leader Reason In addition to amending the statute, it is necessary to put an end to groups and factions, to encourage inclusion policies so that everyone wins and no one is lost.

There are basically four groups in the PAN: one of the anayistas led by Ricardo Anaya, a radical right-wing group led by Governor Guanajuato and Miguel Márquez Márquez; Former Prime Minister Martha Erika Alonso, former wife of Puebla Rafael Moreno Valle, elected Governor of Puebla. The same is true of the Seven Group, which consists of an equal number of governors.

In this regard, Marko Cortés pointed out that, once inaugurated, Blue and White will pursue all militant character unity and alumni reunions, without divisions between groups, to be seen in the right direction for the next election.

According to this unification policy, Cortez asserted that PAN's door was open to all inflationists, including Felipe Calderon and Ernesto Cordero, "as long as they respect the rules."

Regarding his opponent, Manuel Gómez Morín, Albi Jagal leader hopes to change his decision and join the political committee he invited.

"There is no time for personal and selfish anger in national action. The future of this country is at risk. We need unions among PANs, and for that reason we require people with convictions to go beyond leadership"

Marco Cortes

National leader of PAN

According to Cortés, PAN needs to change the internal rules go back to internal democracy. "Let's go back to the convention to choose our candidate, because we need to have a true judgment on a national leadership that does not take part in local decision-making, so it can be left out as a yellow card or refereed if necessary."

He emphasized the need for a cohesive PAN and urged all fighters and citizens who want to join the party to become genuine opposition forces.

Politicians said they must find matches with political forces other than the alliance to ensure a balance between democracy and power.

In this context, he explained that the strategy to win the election is to defend the support of Monterrey, who will gather special forces to gather special elections in the first trial.

  • data : Cortes In 2015, he coordinated Ricardo Anaya's national leadership campaign.

"I have already met Felipe de Jesús Cantú and convened a national PAN to defend his vote in the next election in Monterrey.

He thanked 170,000 PAN members for voting because they will all go into their administration and will try to become a true objection to the Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador government.

Dome change election: Gomez morin

Previous candidate Manuel Gómez Morin, a spokesman, convinced Magdalena that he was defeated in the election by a vote of a controlling party, because he did not actively participate.

"It was a vote of leadership, and at the end of the day, the party and the governors, the governors, win the election, unfortunately we did not see the voluntary militant nature." Reason

Gomez Maureen Your campaign showed an error that people have decided not to vote.

He confirmed that he would continue in PAN. However, he refused to participate in a consultative group invited by Marko Cortés. Because he does not lend to his game.

He warned that if the party leadership tries to meet their personal interests, they will not add it.

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