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Krasnodar and Christian Queba to win 2-1 in the Standard League with one hour and Europa League | Summary | Video | Results | sports


Krasnodar Showed a remarkable response. Standard Lie note But remained in Group J of the 2018 Europa League win at Krasnodar Stadium. Christian Cueva started at half time but changed.

Relive Krasnodar vs Standard Lieja in UEFA Europa League

Krasnodar VS Standard Liu lineup confirmed UEFA Europa League


Standard Lie note:

The & # 39; bull & # 39; arrives. Krasnodar vs. Standard Monarch There is a slogan that adds three to the direct rivals of the Europa League Group J. This group has three ties. The Russian team, Christian Cueva, has six points on Thursday, including rivals and Sevilla.

So, those led by Murad Musaev know that tomorrow's duel will tempt the group's leadership against direct competitors and play at home. However, this duel will also have multiple aromas. Because on the previous date of the tournament, FC Krasnodar He beat Lyle 2-1. Peruvian midfielder Christian Cueva is expected to be a few minutes and a spare part because he is not a novice in previous presentations.

From their perspective, & # 39; Les Rouches & # 39; Krasnodar vs. Standard Monarch The visit now, which is pleased with the victory against Russia on the eve of the Europa League, will want to repeat the edition to escape from Group J.

After his bad start in the tournament by falling to Sevillla, the team led by Michel Preud & # 39; homme went to the Europa League with two wins. As a result, he was against the major rivals of the J Group, Standard Lie note It is smaller and takes third place.

Previous Kransnodar vs Standard Liege The Belgian bishop analyzed Los Toros at a press conference. With the media, he explained that the team had the same opportunity as Group J's favorites.

"It's an important game, and we like the two teams in the mid-point scoring, and now we have to make high quality in Europe."

Information Krasnodar, The Belgian coach stressed that his house could weigh in and try to maintain the level of the match. "Krasnodar In Sclessin he showed that he is a very strong team. At least you should be at the same level as Heenmatch to get results. "

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Around the World Krasnodar vs. Euro League standings

Peru – 12:55 p. m.
Colombia – 12:55 p. m.
Ecuador – 12:55 p. m.
Bolivia – 1:55 p. m.
Chile – 2:55 p. m.
Uruguay – 2:55 p. m.
Argentina – 2:55 p. m.

Peru, Mexico, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador: 12:55 pm

Honduras, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, El Salvador and Nicaragua: 11:55 am

Bolivia, Paraguay, Venezuela, Puerto Rico: 1:55 p.m.

Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile: 2:55 pm

Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Portugal: 6:55 pm

Krasnodar VS Standard League Corps for the Euro League

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Krasnodar vs Standard Liège, Fox Sports 2, Europa League

narration : Julian Fernandez
Opinion : Standard monarch


Estimated lineup of Krasnodar vs Standard Liège

Krasnodar: Sinitsyn, Petrov, Martynovich, Spajic, Ramirez, Gazinskiy, Kaboré, Pereyra, Wanderson, Ari, Claesson.

Satndard Liège: Ochoa, Kavanda, Lu Linda Manekado, La Firis, Pie, Cimirot, Agbo, Pocognoli, Marin, Emond, Carcela

Internet: Where to go online and follow the standard corps for Krasnodar and the Euro League online?

If you want to follow the Internet Krasnodar vs. Candy de will broadcast all events of the game and goals immediately on the minute. You can also see a summary of your goals when the game is over.

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