Monday , February 6 2023

Magda Rodriguez: Did they make you magic? This must have been the real reason for his death


Just over two weeks after the death of a television producer Magdarod Guess It turned out Shock hipovolmico The bleeding of the digestive tract that caused his death would have been a product of magic.

According to the magazine while reading TV notes programmer today And other projects Warriors 2020 and Laura Uncensored, The victim Powerful witchcraft, Even the famous seer tried to warn her about her fate, but never had contact with her.

In an interview for the sources cited above Jorge Clairvoyant, He said at some point he had predicted the great success he could get. Magda Wow Warrior 2020The producer said she was grateful, just as through social networks, but through that way, I contacted her, but it was the only time I could talk to her.

Jorge Clairvoyant tried to inform her of her own death.

that much seer, Says it was late October that he opened the channel Magdarod Guess That’s how his interior asked him. For that reason he did the same thing She had health problems but was killing her through San Terra, Jorge Clairvoyant said.

According to this Magda, her sister Andrea and her daughter Andrea EscalonaThey are witchcraft believers.

Jorge Clairvoyant What they did Magdarod Guess It is a great power because even if she is no longer in this world, evil will continue to roll on others.

What order did they place?

According to what Jorge Clairvoyant In an interview, he said that his vision allowed him to see what he had done to the creators of the program. today, Dead animals, personal belongings Magdarod Guess And even human remains.

Someone took a picture of Mrs. Magda and her hair and clothes. Everything was put in a hen, and this later put a lamb with a lot of toads, a lot of animal tongues, and human bones. What they did to Magda Rodriguez was to kill her. Said JClear barley magazine TVNotas

Besides Jorge bill Magdarod Guess Since he does not rest peacefully, he has made himself accessible to his relatives and in contact with the creators. Because she does not want to go and wants divine justice. She had a lot of paths and plans.

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