Monday , December 6 2021

Norwegian marine seafood renames to massive salmon spill in Chile | American economy


After four months of massive salmon leaks by Marine Harvest in the Los Lagos area, Norwegian companies have decided to change their name to Mowi globally.

According to Diario Financiero, this remodeling means returning to the origin of the salmon farm since the salmon farm was founded 50 years ago.

"I am delighted that we are bringing the company to the next level, so we can deliver the integrated value chain from food to consumer dishes by implementing the MOWI brand strategy." We will be able to announce new MOWI product lines in the coming months "Said Alf-Helge Aarskog, CEO.

"Mowi is an inspiring name that reminds me of the pioneering spirit that has developed over the past 50 years."

A new name that will be effective from January 1 should be formulated at an extraordinary general meeting called for this Tuesday.

Dangerous flight. Marine Harvest was involved in the environmental debate in 2018 with a massive salmon outflow of 690,000 units at the Punta Redonda hatchery in Calbuco, Los Lagos, on July 5th.

Since then, the health crisis has been dreadful because it is in the development stage. It was not suitable for consumption because of the high level of antibiotics.

To avoid this, the Environmental Supervisor asked the company to take immediate reacquisition of at least 10% of the law required by the law within a certain period.

Marine Harvest reported that Recapture reached 27.3%, which was rejected by Sernapesca, and barely reached 5.54%.

A few months later, on October 31, SMA filed charges against the company, considering the fact that it was a serious flaw because it lacked the necessary security measures.

There are two types of infringements. The first is that the company does not have adequate safety conditions for optimal quality cultivation. In addition, according to the environmental qualification resolution, it did not have the element and the resistance, and the environmental damage which can not be escaped and repair was occurred.

Second, it is the same as maintaining and operating support facilities in districts that do not target silage operations.

Having been notified of this pricing, Marine Harvest Chile has been given 10 working days to submit the Compliance Program for the second offense and it took 15 working days to formulate each disclaimer.

The results for the company will be the final withdrawal of the business license, building closure, or a fine of up to 10,000 Annual Tax Authorities (UTA).

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