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RED HYDROGEN prices in Mexico


RED HYDROGEN and Telcel announced that the world's first smartphone with a 4-View screen arrived in Mexico. This smartphone offers a better experience than 3D Vision and does not require a lens: RED HYDROGEN Mexico City HYDROGEN ONE PRICE HYDROGEN ONE PRICE HYDROGEN ONE PRICE

RED HYDROGEN One is a device designed for entrepreneurs, producers and producers. But Red Hydrogen One is not just a smartphone, it is a tool. Comparisons with other cells manufactured with these specifications are not simple.

  • 4-View (H4V) Display: RED HYDROGEN One and 4-View light field displays provide a better experience than 3D without the need for a lens. With RED HYDROGEN One, you can use the holographic video recording feature on the front and rear 4-View to capture images, Self.
  • A3D Multidimensional Surround Sound – Audio that you do not expect to ask: The patented A3D algorithm converts audio into extended spatial sound with or without headphones. Surround sound that requires a room full of equipment. It will not be any longer.
  • Modular systems – Important modules: Improve HYDROGEN ONE NETWORK with stackable modules. Future Pocket Film Cameras, Extended Battery Performance Modules and more add-ons will be added.
  • Industrial Design – Invention packed in design: Choose from aluminum or titanium models (very limited edition available after launch). Both products feature a Kevlar panel, beautiful and functional aspect, designed in RED style, 5.7 "QHD hologram screen.
  • HYDROGEN Network and RED + Leia Loft: Explore HYDROGEN's exclusive 4-View holographic application. There is H4V, which allows you to download all the content, games and applications you want to watch. The best legendary creators share their work with the next generation trend developers.
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 mobile platform: designed to support state-of-the-art camera features, incredibly fast download speeds and long lasting batteries. Capture your photos and videos vividly with 4K. Get the best mobile experience with great graphics and high performance.
  • Augmented Reality (AR): Because RED HYDROGEN One supports ARCore, it will try a new AR experience that will change the way you play, buy, learn, create and experience with others.
  • Maximum energy: 4,500mAh battery allows you to perform your usual activities and enjoy multimedia content and peaceful social networks. Smartphone.

RED HYDROGEN One can be purchased at all Telcel customer service centers, online stores, authorized distributors, and retail stores throughout the entire Mexican Republic. The equipment can be purchased in the form of a friend in advance. $ 27,999 pesos, Or Maxcel Max via tariff without Telcel limit.

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