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Refinery and Mayan train, national consultation: Lopez Obrador [Nacional] – 11/10/2018


Campeche .- Among the projects to be submitted to civil consultations for approval, the next president of Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador quoted Mayan Train and Campeche Atasta refinery.

Lopez Obrador emphasized that the agreement would be part of his government, despite the fact that when he arrived at the airport in Campeche, Mexico, there was a population rejecting the practice.

"First we will start construction at Dos Bocas, Paraíso, Tabasco, because of the facility, there is a marine terminal and there is gulf oil.

"We do not rule out that other refineries will be built at Atasta in Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche," said Tabasco at the airport terminal.

Atasta is a neighboring community of Ciudad del Carmen where Laguna de Términos is located and is a natural area protected by Mexican environmental laws due to biodiversity.

He asserted that every time these people participate, all projects at this level will be the subject of discussion. Before the interrogation of journalists at the Campeche airport terminal on the Maya train, the consultation was said to be national.

"Everything will be discussed in all communities, of course, as established in democratic practices.

"It's not time to impose it anymore," said one interviewer on Friday night, "some people do not want to accept the new reality and oppose citizen consultations."

Lopez Obrador arrived in Campeche with his wife Beatriz and his son Jesús Ernesto.

On Monday, a meeting is scheduled in Merida with the governor of the southeastern United States.

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