Sunday , January 29 2023

Santiago Solari has been ratified by Real Madrid's DT and is waiting for the Boca River at the Club World Cup.


"I can say we are very happy to him, we are happy, which is a good answer to that question," he said. Emilio BoutreñoAnd Merengue defeated Celta de Vigo 4-2. After asking about the continuity of Santiago Solari in front of Merengue to the director of institutional relations in Real Madrid,

With this result and good grades, Argentina, who had been a temporary manager of Real Madrid so far, The Merengue Club (Merengue Club) confirmed their contract on Monday., The Spanish Federation (RFEF) said.

"Everything was fine," he said in an email, "Real Madrid has kept his contract and has no problems. Since the middle of Solari (age 42) could not be more than 15 days, Merengue decided to keep him secretary until the end of the season.

Since I arrived at the White House bank on behalf of Julen Lopetegui, Solari won four straight wins, two of them behind Barcelona in the league championship. The Argentine national team scored 15 goals and scored only two goals.

The Argentine coach showed a solo show with the first team. Sergio Retouzone and Alvaro Audrijola have made three tough matches in three of four games at Castilla yabi Central and made a difficult decision, such as not paying more attention to Vincentius of Brazil for growth.

The greatest The problem he found in the first team was the overall physical condition of the group and the individual. To players like Isco Alarcón who replaced all four games.

Solari is well coordinated with the founders.
Solari is well coordinated with the founders.

Another great virtue once again gave Karim Benzema confidence. Karim Benzema came back as a goalkeeper, convinced Gareth Bale of his team for his left wing. .

The crisis in Real Madrid ended with the arrival of Solari and the winning of the winning streak that won the confidence of the Madrid team.

The player supports it.

French person Karim Benzema, Real Madrid striker, Argentina's Santiago Solari as manager of the team until the end of the season, since he was temporarily fired after Lepetegui's dismissal.

"I do not see a coach coming for a month or two. To me, Solari must stay until the end of the season. "He stated in the Marca newspaper.

Defender Alvaro Audiola pointed out to Solari, "He is a great coach and a great player."

Solari is expected to win the World Cup in the UAE by the end of December next year and will play against the Copa Libertadores champion on Saturday in the Boca River.

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