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Ten exciting facts about the rivalry between River and Boca-Futbol RF


Buenos Aires, Argentina (EFE). This Saturday will be played. Copa Libertadores Final Between River plate And Boca JuniorsSo we leave these ten curious facts to learn more about the historical rivalry between this Argentinian team.

Monumental Boca Juniors Area!

On June 24, 1984, the & # 39; Xeneize & # 39; team Monumental stadium Play at home RiverAs in many meetings of the year, Cruz Azul In Azteca Stadium. That classic The goal for that year reached its goal.

Classic argentina, so is argentina.

On August 6, 1961 at the stadium Monumental, classic The main feature is that 10 of the 22 players who came to this field were foreigners. The match was linked to two goals scored in Peru. Victor Benitez And Brazilian Valentin For visitors; Brazilians scored by locals Moaire In Spanish Pepillo.

At one time both were southern.

The two clubs appeared in the La Boca region of Buenos Aires and passed the city belt south of Buenos Aires. & # 39; millionaire & # 39; move team SarandiReal estate, allocated by 1906 Jose Bernasconi, Navy Store Shop Dresco. Due to the difficult transfer of his supporters the following year, River He decided to return to his born neighbor, La Boca.

In Xeneize, in 1914, because of the need for his house, mouth It was moved to Wilde and the number of members dropped sharply. After the 17th meeting, he did not leave again and returned to his neighborhood area, where he made his "Bea Bonnera".

Super Classic International.

That Classic Argentina He only played four times in 1955, 1978, 1984 and 2002. Montevideo, The last time Miami.

Best match

Reinaldo Merlot He is still the most important player in Argentine football most of the time. 35 brands River Boca With a & # 39; millionaire & # 39; Silvio Mazolini And Roberto Mayo, & # 39; Bombonera & # 39; and played 29 times, respectively.

The champions of both teams.
Some soccer players wear two shirts in history Norbert Menendez He was a champion more time. 3rd time River 1955, 1956 and 1957, and three others mouth 1962, 1964 and 1965

An unforgettable criminal.

mouth And River Leaders arrived on December 9, 1962, and the party remained in favor of the local team for the goal and missed five minutes and was penalized. River what Antonio Rome He cut him off. Delem It will remain as one of the most famous criminals of its rivals.

The party's hero said: "That day I left the court hidden in the truck. You could not walk the streets, everyone was crazy."

A terrible incident.

On June 23, 1968, one of the most terrible events occurred in Argentine football history. 0-0 draw during game classic Played on MonumentalThe sympathizers wanted to withdraw, the doors of the stadium closed, and human incidents occurred. 71 people were killed, mostly Boca supporters and more than 100 wounded.

The best scorer.

Angel Love Luna He is the 16th official match and the # 22th Millionaire player who has spent most of his six friendly matches against his eternal rivals. In the & # 39; Xeneizes & # 39; Martin Palermo He is the one who scored more goals. River 17 goals, 8 local tournaments, 8 friendly matches, 1 Copa Libertadores.

Martin Palermo Boca Juniors
Boca and Argentine football celebrating goals. Credit: DEPOSITPHOTO / MEXSPORT

The most important sporting event in the world.

Eight international media pointed to one of the top 10 sporting events in the world. British newspapers The Observer and The Sun, Spain Marca and Mundo Deportivo, Italy Gazzetta dello Sport or France L ' Equipe was the one who included the most important party in Argentina on each list.

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