Thursday , March 30 2023

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Mexico City.- "Soul" returned to the peso after the election of the next president, Andre Manuel Lopez ObradorIn a press conference, he declared that he was not willing to revise the banking law of the government for the first three years.

With this, the Mexican currency has regained some of the lost land in the last three days.

That Interbank dollar According to the Bank of Mexico, at least 20.3555 units have been closed since June 20. The peso was only 22.05 cents (1.10%).

However, after the announcement of Banxico's announcement, the statement of Lopez Obrador was announced, with the exchange rate in dollars reaching at least 20.05.

At the bank window, the US dollar is sold at less than 20.45 units, reported to be closed by Citibanamex on Thursday, at 20.40 units.

Despite everything, the peso reported a negative weekly balance, accumulating 1.32 percent depreciation.

It should be noted that the Mexican currency reported losses for five consecutive weeks.

The position of Mexican President – elect has changed somewhat on the three days of shaking the peso. The balance of power in the North American Congress The United States, Mexico and Canada. Under this agreement, the dollar's strength, Fed And fall Oil price.

The index measures the performance of the dollar against the ten currency baskets 0.18%, A situation that negatively affects Mexico currency.

Producer prices rose more than 0.2 percent in October, according to Bloomberg News.

The consumer confidence index, prepared by the University of Michigan, rose to 98.3 points in November.

The rise in inflationary pressures and the improvement in consumer confidence are factors that reinforce expectations that the Federal Reserve will raise the benchmark interest rate again next month.

During China, Producer price growth fell to 3.3 percent in the tenth month, down from 3.6 in September. This situation keeps the yellow light in the state of the big economy of Asia.

During US-China trade war It remains a market concern because it can have a negative impact on global economic growth.

On the other hand, Oil market, Contributing to the Mexican currency sales.

Crude oil prices in West Texas fell from 1.04 percent to 60.03 dollars a barrel, while the Brent exchange rate fell from 0.89 percent to 70.02 dollars.

Internally, it highlights the renewal of the maturity in an auction. Hedge exchangeDemand within 32 days $ 355 million, Offering an excellent 200 million times 1.78 times.

The exchange rate has a resistance of 20.50 units. While support is at 19.70 pesos in the wholesale market.

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