Thursday , March 30 2023

The magistrate will receive a bonus for "physical exhaustion".


And in the most "¿¿¿¿" bonus catalog we know, we found what the CDMX Superior Court Judge has received, he will receive 16.7 million pesos if he does not avoid fatigue Jaimito the Postman … what! Yes, the bonus amount is "physical fatigue".

According to Reform, Each of the magistrates and torturers of the courts collects about 229,000 pesos and everything is for the rifar of lambas. Or the good thing is that they think.

According to those who have approved the V-36/2018 Convention of the Council of Justice, the abovementioned people are entitled to compensation for their "physical, health and emotional exhaustion to perform the infamous" function … After all, now they are trying to choose a new owner …

Whether honorable Alvaro Augusto Perez should be re-elected to preside over TSJ, or whether Ben is chosen among other candidates (Manuel E. Dias-Infante, Rafael Gera Alvarez, Rosalba Guerrero Rodriguez, Celia Marin Sasaki) You must be very tired. Everything by the grid that seems to exist in the problem.

But not all judges and workers in TSJ are patpachados in the same way. Therefore, there is a complaint. "The appointment of the chief judge was completed in November, and then they gave me a lot of bonuses, agreements, and votes." One of the people who did the lottery, but clearly did not get the bonus, complained anonymously.

In short, to see if the next regime is willing to cancel the bonus. According to the written ReformThis is given every four years … every time you have to elect a new president of the Court.

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