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Tlalpan launches child welfare program

Mayor Patricia Aceves presided over the emotional work of the social program “Health that sows health for children in Tlalpan,” where the demarcation promotes the integrated development of girls and boys with the goal of ensuring the right to health. . Among other actions that seek your well-being

During her participation in the day at Juana de Asbaje Park, the former governor of UAM-X (Autonomous Metropolitan University-Xochimilco) stressed that this social program is unique in the Republic of Mexico to ensure its right to services. Health, substantive equality and no discrimination.

“In the mayor's office, we provide professional services within appropriate parameters for the neural development of girls and boys to maintain health in areas such as language, motor skills and learning in ways that stimulate better interaction with the environment. To provide. "He said.

The mayor, when asked explicitly, stressed that children aged 0 to 5 years old receive a Child Development Assessment (EDI) by 26 “promoters and promoters of group health” who are dentists. Graduate degree specialists, nutritionists, social workers, nurses and neuro-rehabilitation, neuropsychology, pedagogy and sociology.

After the delivery of the second Minister of Economic Support for the program, they conducted a workshop on parenting and early stimulation sessions that also apply to the towns of San Miguel Xicalco and Parres el Guarda. In colonies such as Belvedere and Mesa los Hornos, the Villa Olímpica Sports Center and the five Child Development Centers (CEDIS).

  • To date, about 884 EDI tests have been performed. 661 in 18 regions with very low social development indices and 223 in 5 Child Development Centers in Tlalpan.

Mayor Tlalpan promotes the Day of Health for the well-being of mothers who perform free mammograms and Pap smears to encourage women's care culture.

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