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Vaccine Dream Team 2020/11/17


November 17, 2020

Prior to the advent of the novel coronavirus, the fastest-developing vaccine was the vaccine for mumps or mumps.

The vaccine mumps, It was produced from a strain extracted from the girl’s neck Jerry Lin, Daughter of an American microbiologist Morris Hillman, The most successful vaccine specialist in history. Died in 2005 Hilleman They made 8 out of 14 vaccines usually given to people, including measles. He is considered the scientist who saved the most lives of the 20th century.

To develop a mumps vaccine Hilleman He turned to the technology used during World War II to find a way to prevent diseases like polio. It involves culturing a weakened form of the virus in chicken embryos. In less than 5 years, this vaccine is ready to be commercialized.

It was a great record. Other vaccines, such as typhoid, took decades to develop, which took 28 years (1886-1914), similar to yellow fever (1912-1939), which was awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine by a South African virologist. Max Taylor.

The announcement this month that two coronavirus vaccine projects have successfully completed phase 3 clinical trials is not only a hope of overcoming the pandemic, which killed 1.3 million people worldwide in 12 months-according to a scan done today, a 55-year-old patient 1 year since the first case appeared in China In the aftermath-It is also a feat of scientific research.

The first was jointly developed by pharmaceutical companies Pfizer and BioNTech, which were announced on Monday, the 9th. The second one came out of the Modena Institute, which was revealed just yesterday. These are two of the more than 125 research projects to find a vaccine against COVID-19. What is surprising is that the first tests on humans began in March.

Both Pfizer and Moderna belong to a new generation of vaccines that use different technologies than those sold for other diseases such as messenger ribonucleic acid or mRNA.

Traditional vaccines inoculate a weakened version of the virus to elicit an immune response without causing serious disease, while inoculating a specific protein (in this case a spike protein that the coronavirus uses to immobilize cells and invade for reproduction) . The idea is to make the cells act as if they were actually infected. This technique was baptized in a magazine. nature In an article published in 2018 as “A New Era of Vaccineology”. Moderna’s announcement, released yesterday morning, marks the end of the path of a project led by an Israeli physician. Tal zaxx, Boston-based chief scientist in biotechnology.

In March Stefan Bangsel, Moderna’s CEO was one of the industry representatives the President invited to the White House. Donald Trump Talk about vaccine development. During the meeting Bancel His company was convinced that it would get the vaccine within a few months. still erase Wanting to make an announcement before the presidential election, Moderna kept its promise. The 94.5% efficiency is higher than that of Pfizer-BioNTech, which is estimated at 90%. It doesn’t have to be stored at -80 degrees Celsius like any other, but it also has the advantage of being able to store it in a home freezer and even in the refrigerator for a month.

In addition to receiving services Zaks, Moderna’s science team hired in 2015 Melissa Moore, A biochemist from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a leading mRNA expert in the world. Since joining Moderna, the company has developed 23 drugs and vaccines using this technology.

Zaks Why Moore, BioNTech’s colleague, biochemistry Catalin carrico, And the doctor Drew WeissmanUniversity of Pennsylvania Dream team You can help save humanity from COVID. Hilleman.

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