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What mode of payment does best suit you during a good end?


CITY OF MEXICO, November 18, 2018. – Christmas shopping season officially begins today. Discounts, free products and, above all, uninteresting months are a perfect incentive to spend, sometimes a little more than the bill.

In this Good Finish version, the Bank of Mexico is expected to grow 5% compared to the previous year, despite reporting a decline in the consumer confidence index over the past two months.

Milenio explains that the Business Coordinating Council (CEE) plans an inspiring panorama from the results of this year. Juan Pablo Castañn, president of CCE, said, "The 1.8 percent decline in the consumer confidence index will not affect the expected purchases this weekend." He also asserts, "There is a good atmosphere among the Mexican consumers, and the situation will be good and positive."

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