Monday , January 30 2023

BCP Group launches innovative program dedicated to start-up companies


(Atlantic Bank) – Recognizing that start-ups can play an important role in innovation in the banking sector, the Banque Centrale Populaire (BCP) group has released its first innovation program called the Fintech Challenge.

To do this, by December 23, 2018, we request applications that identify and partner with the most promising start-up companies in Africa and elsewhere through our dedicated platform, Total share of the BCP group.

Following this unprecedented innovation program, selected venture companies have the opportunity to sign a cooperation agreement with the BCP. This young company will therefore benefit from access to new markets, expertise from Universal Financial Group, ecosystem potential in Africa and dedicated acceleration programs. Many levers constitute a true foothold for their activity development.

Specifically, the goal is to provide mutually-fledged partnerships based on joint venture company deployment and deployment in response to clearly identified business issues across the BCP and its subsidiaries. Atlantic Bank.

The "Fintech Challenge" application was the first event to be held on November 23, 2018 in collaboration with Banque Atlantique in Abidjan. "Bank – Start: Collaboration model, what effect?".

Find the application request terms at


The BCP Group is one of the first financial institutions in Morocco. It gains strength from the solidarity and unique organizational values ​​in Morocco. It consists of nine Banque Populaire Regional Banks (BPR), BCP (Banque Centrale Populaire), a central institution of the group, a public limited company in the form of a stock market, professional subsidiaries, foundations and banks and representatives for cooperation purposes. Overseas. The BCP Group is located in 28 countries around the world and has a leading network of banks. Morocco is a leader in savings (market share of 28%) and economic financing (market share of 25%).

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