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FIFA Club World Cup UAE 2018 – News – L & # 39; Espérance, Coronation of Excellence


FIFA Club World Cup 2018


  • Esperans wins third championship in CAF Champions League
  • Anice Badri finished the top scorer in the competition.
  • Esperance, second FIFA Club World Cup

Esperance won the third CAF Champions League title in history, setting a new chapter in African football history. After seven years of absences, returning to the top of the continental shelf, Blood and gold The UAE may change to the next challenge in the FIFA Club World Cup next month.

Third star

The players and fans of the Tunisian club made this tournament a big goal for the season. After four defeats in the final, Esperance decided not to recur such disillusionment. In 2012, Tunisia climbed into a decisive game and acknowledged a fatal defeat in the stadium of Al Ahli. But Esperans negotiated the reissue of this poster perfectly. She returns to success in a competition that has not won since 2011.

But beyond these two important confrontations, it is the whole process of Tunisia that we have to pay homage. Esperans was the first team to advance to the quarter-finals on the fourth day of the group stage. In the process she placed ES Sahel in the Tunisian Derby to confirm her status. After receiving the Primeiro de Agosto's law in the first leg of the semi-finals, the Tunisians proved that they were not lacking in character because they turned the trend at home (4: 2). Only the courage of this outstanding team was confirmed in the finals. Despite a 3-1 defeat in Egypt, Blood and gold They are preparing to win 3-0 in a match against Al Ahly of Al Arali (Rades).

The path of glory

  • Esperance has played 16 games.
  • His record was nine wins, four draws and three losses.
  • She allowed 26 goals (1.63 games) while allowing 12 goals.

Sorrow of Al Ahly

Al Ahly, who lost last season's Wydad final, is expecting the trophy to retire him. Due to the failure of Esperance, the Egyptians achieved a good course throughout the tournament. By winning three to one in the first game, they probably thought they were the hardest. The fans believed it, but the African quarter champion did not add an extra line in the tournament. Red DevilThe team, which failed to win after 2013, had to be injured when returning. Their ambition has not survived this package mountain.

A major player

Each stage was characterized by the emergence of new talent, but Tunisia International Anice Badri scored his excellent performance and eight goals in the excellent course of Esperance. Badri, who arrived in Tunis from Mouscron, signed one of the most beautiful seasons of his career. Sometimes a midfielder, playmaker or striker, he glowed in every position. His decisive goal in the final comeback was to win a victory for his team and to be named top scorer at the same time. Badri is now able to achieve his dream at the Club World Cup for several months after competing with Tunisia in the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia ™.



The Angolans of Primeiro de Agosto decorated the headlines for weeks. The 11th in the Champions League was second place behind ES Sahel, surpassing all expectations. Primeiro defeated TP Mazembe in the quarter-finals before putting Esperance on the ground in the semi-finals. Unfortunately for him the army failed in the final. Angola still qualifies after five minutes after the scheduled time, but Tunisia has qualified at the last minute of the game. In the Champions League, Primeiro played 14 games, 6 wins, 5 draws and 3 losses.


Hurd …

"It was a very competitive game and we made progress in the game and we started to believe it more and I congratulate the players and I want to thank the fans who supported their fans in the semi-finals and finals. I fully believed. "- Mouin El Shaabani, Esperance Coach


Do you know?

  • The third finalist, Esperance, won the third continental title after two awards in 1994 and 2011.
  • The capital team will therefore play the second FIFA Club World Cup. In 2011, Blood and gold I arrived at the 8th river.
  • This is Al Ahli's fourth defeat in the final. Every time the fate of the meeting was held outside.
  • Esperans did not win Al Ahli and finished 10 consecutive games. His previous success was in 2011.

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