Monday , February 6 2023

Football: Fifa tries to simplify the use of VAR.


Fifa announced Tuesday that it is considering the development of a “simplified” and “cheap” video referee assistance (VAR) to be placed “at all levels of football”.

The World Football Organization’s “Innovation and Excellence” working group will soon present “recommendations” for the implementation of this reform to Fifa and Ifab, the guarantors of the match law.

In the press release, FIFA responds to “the goal of making a cheaper system and making video referee assistance available at all levels of football” in the press release, and the quality and minimum requirements for VAR’s “technical facilities”.

Video referee support is currently only available in major competitions and leagues. So this fall wasn’t the UEFA Nations League group stage. This summer, the Ladies Champions League only had a VAR in the finals, which drew criticism from several players.

Fifa also stated that it is considering “developing semi-automatic technologies for offside use to make the process of analyzing these situations as efficient as possible.”

Finally, she said she had asked the market to find a technique to better visualize “hard to judge offside” within the framework of VAR. Several scoring behaviors on the offside edge, which have been canceled by VAR in recent weeks, have led to poor comprehension among observers, especially in the English League.

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