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Football Leaks: PSG acknowledges ethnic records.


PSG's response was not delayed a few hours after a new revelation of the Football Leaks file released on the Mediapart site. "French", "Maghrebi", "West Indians", "African": PSG recruiters from 2013 to 2018 were racially trained young players in clubs, according to Football Leaks' new file

"The recruitment centers of training centers dedicated to those outside of France who denounce Thursday as a personal initiative of Saints have confirmed the use of forms containing illegal content between 2013 and 2018. Responsibility for this department ". Marc Westerloppe is Mediapart's goal and went to the Rennes club this year. Marc Westerloppe, interviewed by Le Parisien, admits "awkwardness, error". In an interview with AFP, PSG vice president Jean-Claude Blanc said, "This should never happen in the PSG."

Sports Minister Roxana Maracineanu marked her "surprise". "If this kind of discrimination proves, we can be punished by disciplinary action or criminal punishment. We can not allow people to identify their identity according to color or origin." Minister Norm Le Graët, President of the French Football Federation, and "President of the Pro Football League [LFP] "Nathalie Boy de la Tour" recommends that you investigate this issue as soon as possible, change your attitude more broadly, and fight this type of behavior in the sport. "

"PSG did not want to recruit players born in Africa."

"Iann Gboho, a French international youth who was born in Ivory Coast, who originally directed FC Rouen, reads" Football Leaks "by Serge Fournier, recruitment for PSG recruits in the Normandy region. "& # 39; Caribbean & # 39;" on the card filled out on November 2, 2013. When the recruiter hovered over the box, a drop-down menu appears with four choices: French, North Africa, Caribbean, and Africa. "Says Mediapart.

For the name "French" White. Especially all the players we recommended were French players. PSG did not want to recruit players born in Africa. Because we are not sure of the date of birth. "Says Laurent Fournier, who interviewed Mediapart:" Two years later, in the original box, he writes: Negro", According to Mediapart. The player finally logs into Renn.

Gboho's name attracted a lot of interest to PSG, as can be seen in the internal report of the training meeting held on March 14, 2014. Football Leaks. At this meeting, Westerloppe says, according to this document: "We will not go back to this topic There is a problem with the club orientation We need balance in the mix Too many West Indies and Africans are in Paris Pierre Reynaud, the youth recruitment manager at Île-de-France, Factors that cause anger among other participants include: "Except for the need to have talent, not racial issues. "

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Internally discomfort

The law is prohibited. […] Collect and record information indicating the origin, directly or indirectly. Ethnic or "peopleI recalled CNIL and questioned the subject. The signal of the inconvenience caused by this incident is still Football Leaks, according to the secretary of the work council, "I copied a lot of trainers" to the Director of Human Resources. On behalf of Westerloppe and club management. "It is impossible to support this 180 ° rotation!" None of your colleagues involved in training or pre-training can trust it, "she says.

Mediapart says that Westerloppe will be called for a preliminary interview on June 27, 2014, before Jean-Claude Blanc (deputy director of the current PSG) accuses him of "false, malicious and foolish." There is no penalty. Olivier Létang, president of Rennes, was PSG's sports director and said in a statement to Agence France-Press that he "shocked and wounded" accusations of racism.

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"Quota business"

In answering the question about Football Leaks, PSG said Malek Boutih, ex-president of SOS Racisme (1999-2003), former PS Department (2012-2017), "racism within the PSG Foundation" said. "The facts reported in the Mediapart survey are very serious: Licra explains to the PSG publicly and transparently that all practices should be poured into this practice." Our legal counsel has been taken away. "In his Twitter account, Licra And the International League for Attention and Anti-Globalism).

In the case of French football, when the idea of ​​imposing mandatory quotas for young people at the end of 2010 emerged at the National Technical Direction (DTN) meeting, this case awakened the "case of quotas". Laurent's coach Blanc said: "What is he big, strong and powerful now? […] I think we should focus again. In particular, boys ages 13-14 and 12-13 have different standards that have been modified into our own culture. […] Hispanics, they told me: We have no problems. Our black people. "

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