Sunday , March 26 2023

Google Maps is stepping up to better deal with Covid-19.


Google Maps is showing more data on the epidemic and the number of public transports, giving users more information to help them better deal with the Covid-19 health crisis.

Google Maps Covid 19

Google Maps Better Equipped For Covid-19 // Source: Frandroid

Like everyone else, tech companies need to deal with the health crisis from the Covid-19 pandemic and make sure their products and services meet users’ expectations at this particular time. Google Maps is no exception.

Therefore, mapping services are stepping up some functions in France to better support people during health crises.

A more complete Info Covid-19 layer

I have been able to enable the Info Covid-19 layer on Google Maps in recent weeks. Just hit the dedicated button just below the search bar at the top right of the interface. Then you can find that layer. If you press the button and then zoom out the map, you will see the number of new cases per 100,000 displayed by country over an average of 7 days.

Now this layer also shows the number of cases since the epidemic began. That’s not all. This feature is ” Links to Covid’s local authority resources. This allows you to learn directly on the map about local guidelines, test locations and restrictions in your country.».

The link in question is added to the already displayed link and redirected to the next. Wikipedia , New York Times Or data from Johns Hopkins University. This update to the Info Covid-19 layer will be released in France in late November.

Social distancing in public transport

Google Maps also wants to help you figure out if you can respect social distancing in the public transport you want. In France, the application displays real-time information on ingress of buses, subways or trains. Thanks to real-time user feedback ».

The launch of this feature actually started in 2019, but in France this information was only available at the station level.

Google map

Public transport traffic level shown on Google Maps // Source: Google

So, starting today, it would be more complete if data for a particular trip were available. If the user does not leave a comment, Google MapsA prioriIt doesn’t show anything.

Google map

Google map

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