Monday , October 3 2022

Marseille sewers are used to prevent clusters from appearing in nursing homes.


By analyzing the wastewater collected from the sewer, marine firefighters predict clusters in nursing homes.

that much Firefighters watch the sewer… In Marseille, samples are taken daily to look for patients who ignore each other to fight against possible groups, especially in nursing homes. It’s an amazing way to come to fruition and avoid the outbreak of infectious diseases in several sanatoriums in Marseille. In fact, the coronavirus present in the stool is detected by analyzing wastewater. When asked about Europe 1, the head of research in the analytical laboratory, Damien Thomas explains: This is a very encouraging first review.

Disinfection and isolation measures

This upstream monitoring enables predictive, preventive and isolation. “This detection allowed us to take all disinfection and containment measures even before the first symptoms appeared,” says Damien Thomas. However, this technique has its limitations.
Some nursing home residents do not go to the bathroom because they are incontinent and wear diapers. In the Ouest-France newspaper, the president and co-founder of startup C4Diagnostics argues: Standard. This initiative allows people to be isolated very quickly. And if we combine it with decontamination of the place, we blame one or two cases, but not 50”. For the general manager of the Medeos retirement housing group,’This picture taken at one moment is not relevant to all users, but on the other hand allows us to confirm that our staff are not carriers of the virus’.

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