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Micro Loans: Bonus criteria now increase to 150,000 dirhams.


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Kiosque360. The government recently approved a bill to increase the microcredit standard to 150,000 dirhams.

Good news for much of Morocco furniture. In fact, the criteria for micro-loan approval will increase. So, announcement Today Morocco Who is interested in the subject of delivery that day, and this standard of 50,000 dirhams should increase to 150,000 dirhams. This, however, is about how to amend Law 18.97 of the Microfinance Act and how to provide Proposition 85-18, which was approved by the Parliament on Thursday.

According to the newspaper, the text says that in any case the granted amount can not exceed the reference point of 150,000 dirhams and that the purpose of the law is to increase the accessibility of SMEs for financing and meeting. Their expectations for growth and sustainability. Today Morocco The paper also aims to enhance expertise in the small-scale financial sector, strengthen integration with the financial environment, and support income-generating activities.

Thus, the real reform of this sector, which is involved in this once adopted legislation in Morocco, will provide a new microfinance. It should be noted that 45% of the 900,000 customers in the microcredit sector in 2016 were women when the average loan provided by micro-lenders was about 7,000 Dirhams. It goes without saying that microcredit plays a very important social role.

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