Sunday , March 26 2023

Morocco: Begin mapping roofs of buildings to accommodate solar installations


In order to know if the roof of the building is beneficial for the installation of solar panels, it is possible to estimate the electric power thanks to the Solar Cadastre which started in Benguerir in Morocco. Kingdom on the horizon at the end of 2019.

Ain Chock (Casablanca University Hassan II) and Kelaa des Sraghna, developed by the Institute of Solar Energy and New Energy (IRESEN) and the Green Energy Park in Bengal, It provides information on the actual potential of solar power, especially in the low-voltage and residential and industrial sectors.

According to IRESEN's statement, this service will be available to the general public via online application ( According to the lab, it will be available next Monday.

The second area is the Casablanca city, which will complete the solar designation in December 2018. Horizon End 2019.

Public administrations, businesses and individuals can now use simple color codes to determine if the roof is suitable for solar panel installation and can predict electricity production. The advanced search module also helps to identify buildings with high solar potential.

Solar Cadastre is a mapping method for building roofs that can potentially accommodate photovoltaic installations. This Geographic Information System (GIS) -based innovation is an interactive tool that represents algorithmically computed photovoltaic potentials to simulate annual average surveys of urban and rural roofs (KWh / m2 / year).

The algorithm takes into account several factors, including geographic location, altitude of the survey area, slope and direction of the site, and the impact of shaded buildings and terrain.

IRESEN is a research institute founded in 2011 by the Energy, Mines, Water and Environment departments and supports national energy strategies in the energy sector in Morocco and applies research and development in the fields of solar energy and new energy.

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