Thursday , March 30 2023

Please take care of yourself. French people do not have enough sleep time.


1/3 of the French do not sleep enough. (Drawing)
1/3 of the French do not sleep enough. (Picture) (Vanessa Meyer / MAXPPP)

One in three French people is sleeping badly, and there are 10 million people taking sleeping pills. Studies show that we do not get enough sleep. One-third is less than 6 hours, and 7 to 8 hours is average.

More worryingly, children and adolescents are also affected. Parents have to work late and come back late to slow down their children's sleep, or the screen of a teenager's room increases, making it difficult to fall asleep. Results: 2 hours of sleep at 1:30 for teens and 30 hours of sleep at the youngest. On average, 4-year-olds need an average of 12 hours of sleep, 10 to 10 years, and 8 to 18 years of sleep.

Is it serious that you do not get enough sleep? According to Sylvie Royant-Parola, a psychiatrist dedicated to managing sleep disorders and the president of the Morphée network can have a serious impact on daily life. School Attention and Learning Disability, Behavior Disorders: Does not mention the dangers of anxious children, sensitive teens, mood swings, obesity or diabetes, as well as a decrease in immune defense. In other words, it is necessary at all costs to avoid sleep deprivation.

So how? The Morphée Network has created a website dedicated to sleeping under the age of 18 and provides specific solutions and discussion forums that have been validated by the Scientific Committee. One of the rules to remember is the regularity of the sleep rhythm. It is necessary for the youngest children to think about the ritual that determines the bedtime in order to get the children to bed at a fixed time, to avoid too exciting games in the evening, and to secure the child. This ceremony should be short. Otherwise you will feel that you do not want to leave your child alone.

Teenagers will always try to push their limits, and they will have time to fall asleep. Regular bedtime is decided by the parents. And on the weekend, there is no way to make a child fall asleep by noon. If you sleep 2 hours, you will no longer have a biological clock. And it is essential for teens to teach them to separate the screen for at least an hour before going to bed.

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