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Social dialogue, or permanent deferral to the PJD agenda


in Mohamed Tequila Wai May 11, 2011 23:09

Social dialogue union

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Kiosque360. Without a convincing "social proposal," the Moroccan trade union center decided not to socialize with the next government. If El Osmani did not let go of the ballast, it was blocked for a long time.

All other trade unions, including the most representative unions, such as UMT, CDT and CGTM, have a dialogue with the current government, with the exception of the trade unions of the Moroccan Trade Union (UNTM) and the Justice and Development Party.

Depending on the Al Akbar On Tuesday, November 6, the union, which devoted an editorial to this challenge, promised not to go back to the negotiating table because Saad-Eddine El Othmani, the head of government, did not offer specific proposals. Or inconsistent with the claim.
This position came after the last round of social dialogue held last weekend, and is marked as a total failure because each party keeps its seat. But Al AkbarThe ball remains in a government court called to quickly defeat social bombs before his bomb explodes.

Moreover, all PJD-led governments following each other since the union government treaty concluded on April 24, 2011, in the Arab Spring, never introduced a single IOTA. The sense of improving the living conditions in Morocco accuses the newspaper.

Even today, despite the direction of the nation's top authority to maintain social peace and to quickly find ways to escape, Saad-Eddine El Othmani has given priority to social peace and stability, . For him, an increase of 400 dirhams of civil servants of less than 10,100 dirham for family allowance is the maximum amount that the government can grant unions. It will leave or leave. for Al Akbar, And this similarity of political solidarity is merely a "maneuver" that provides a PJD agenda that actually depends on the social crisis to achieve a specific political goal.

If he does not support the trade union, he accuses him of wanting to hide many shortcomings through his constant confrontation with the government. Al Akbar The key to the success of social dialogue is affirmed in the hands of El Othmani. The latter, however, is willing to "keep the status quo" voluntarily and turn hot potatoes on to his successor. Exactly, he himself inherited the Benkirane government.

By Mohammed Deychillaoui

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