Saturday , June 3 2023

Man Shoots 6 in the Florida Yoga Studio, Killing 2 and then you


A man entered a yoga studio in Tallahassee, Fla, Friday night and fired six people – two deadly – before he killed himself, the police said.

The police were called to the studio, Hot Joga Tallahassee, shortly after 5:30 pm. "When they came to the scene, the officers found multiple victims of wounds," Michael DeLeo, the boss of the Tallahassee Police, said at a press conference on Friday night. The shooter was dead when the officers arrived.

He added that several victims were taken to local hospitals and some were seriously injured. Not all of them have been destroyed; one of the pistols. The police did not immediately release their armed names and said they did not know the motives of the attack.

"Every sign indicates that this is the only person's action," said DeLeo, boss. "It is obvious that they are all very sad and shocked by the events."

Later, he said that there are signs within which many people are hindered trying not only to save themselves, but also to others that will be their courage.

Yoga class was designed in the studio at 5:30, according to him A Tallahassee Democrat.

"During my public service career I had to be in a bad situation," said Scott Maddox, a city commissioner. "This is the worst. Please pray.

The mayor of Tallahassee is Andrew Gillum, a Democrat who runs against the Flemish governor of Republican Ron DeSantis, said a beep said on Friday he "appreciates the police's rapid response to the rotation of the yoga facility in Tallahassee".

"No armed violence is acceptable," he added. "I'm in close contact with law enforcement agencies and return tonight to Tallahassee.

On a twitter, Mr. DeSantis was talking about the news of "rainbow" shooting, adding that he and his wife Casey DeSantis "prayed to the families of the victims whose lives were tragically taken tonight and those who were injured in the hospital".

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