Saturday , June 3 2023

Michigan vs Penn State: Wolverines defense is the best effort


There was no better four weeks in the college football team than Michigan, relying on three straight-back opponents. In the game, no unit was better than two Wolverines games, which seemed more impressive than each game.

Saturday's 42-7 victory at Penn State – which averaged 41 points per game before it ran into the wall – was Don Brown's most standard sentence. He kept the crime of Nittany Lions, which was so great in the season so far, if it was not consistent, 186 meters, 78 of which were in the fourth quarter and 11 in the first stop. Penn State Governor Trace McSorley has only 83 yards and has been intercepted, which marks only the second game since in 2016 he took over Nittany Lions' rebirth without winning the touchdown pass.

What is Michigan at Penn State was the best effort this season – but it's hardly surprising. Consider last week: against Michigan, Wolverines won in 21-7, so the Spartans allowed 94 yards of total crime. Before the match, on October 13, Wisconsin was only 100 meters away at Michigan D in a 38-13 Wolverines victory. That's right; during the last three games Michigan's opponents, ranked opponents, averaged 126.7 yards and nine points left. The 11th week will lead to a 8-1 and 8-fold winner, with a single loss in the first week of the 4th place. Michigan – in Big Ten – directs its fate. the playoff tournament.

The state of Ohio leaves the last negligent performance as the problems persist

Will Wolverines break the top four in the next week's ranking? Regardless of what was happening to Notre Dame against Northwest, Michigan deserves to get up in the rankings and not just because of the number one Alabama and the 3rd. Since the Irish loss, the Wolverines have gradually become more and more impressive and made a statement against one of the most difficult states in the states. And the defense seems to be the best.

Saturday's victory only improves existing numbers. Michigan was the best guard in the game, in the game yards allowed in the country, and in the 6th scoring defense. All averages will fall after Saturday when a quarterback who once fought for Heisman, McSorley, was the nation's best defense. At this point, Michigan was most likely to appear in the season, and McSorley only points out that the Brown unit is real. On the other side of the ball, where Michigan defense defends position 9, instead of making the top spot, the Wolverines allowed Penn State to only 68 yards and 1.2 meters on a stretcher.

Starting from the season I felt that this could be a year of interruption for Wolverines that never managed to formulate some kind of consistent attacking attack under Jim Harbaugh. In the off-season, Shea Patterson, Ole Miss, received the transfer to change the perception. And he too; On Saturday, Patterson dumped two targets and Michigan's crimes amounted to 403 yards. In the season this is the fifth best offense at Big Ten, not in record counts, but certainly more than acceptable. And yet, this is not the story. Instead, Michigan wins as he will always win if the offenses of the past years give him a chance. The other members of Big Ten and college football as a whole – this is a terrifying prospect.

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