Wednesday , February 8 2023

& # 39; Now at least 37.5 million euros to stop the Vlissingen marine barracks


If the transfer of the Marine Corps from Doorn to Vlissingen is canceled, it will certainly amount to 37.5 million euros. This was done by Secretary of State Visser van Defensie against the Permanent Defense Commission. She also repeated Doorn 's "overstatement" message.

In recent years, all types of investments have been made by the municipalities of Vlissingen and Zeeland. For example, I bought the land and finished the construction.

The € 37.5 million does not include compensation that may be required by the appointed construction consortium if the move is not made. The Marines also have to find new places and create new costs, the state secretary said.


The controversy continued to the expected outflow. According to internal investigations, two-thirds of Marines resign when they have to move to Zeeland. MPs find it worrying.

The Secretary of State stressed that if the barracks remain in the center of the country, not all marines suddenly remain in the Pentagon. "It's not that simple." According to her, other issues such as employment issues and job pressures also play an important role. But she again spoke with the marines who had departed to find out how threatening the move affected the decision.

Be careful of places.

For the time being, the plan to move to Zeeland was discontinued. It was the first time we had a conversation with the Marine Corps. Above all, Omroep Zeeland explains the kind of soldier that should be in Vlissingen.

The Department of Defense was criticized early for the marines' inadequate involvement in the plan. Visser says it takes time now. "To prevent the feeling of having to make steam and boiling water later."

They did not want to tell how the conversation was going. "You should not stop breeding chickens." It is not clear when the realization of the new barracks can begin again.

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