Sunday , April 18 2021

& # 39; The new air defense equipment should be a Dutch manufacturer & # 39;

Secretary Ank Bijleveld (Secretary of Defense) and Secretary of State Mona Keijzer (Economic Affairs) write this down in the House of Representatives.

Billions to the Navy

The Department of Defense will invest billions of dollars in new equipment, especially the navy. The Netherlands wants to preserve and strengthen its own naval buildings.

The Netherlands should also participate in future war developments such as artificial intelligence, cyber weapons and robots.

Unmanned reconnaissance aircraft

In addition, sensors, unmanned aerial surveillance aircraft and observation satellites view the Dutch mountains preferred by Bijleveld and Keijzer.

"We have agreed that we will be participating in the Netherlands as much as possible from now on," says Keijzer from De Telegraaf. Where it is not possible to do so, I have brought the goods from overseas, but as far as possible the Dutch company is involved.

It is safer than foreign countries.

Dutch equipment is safer than foreign countries and can be vulnerable to malicious foreign governments. For example, a backdoor could be installed on a foreign satellite, so the country could take over the goods, the newspaper warned.

"The Netherlands and Europe should be able to stand at their feet, requiring a strong base of knowledge, skills and competence."

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