Tuesday , May 30 2023

Koelizhnikov impresses and defeats Nuis at 1000 meters.


Pavel Koelizjnikov impressively won the 1000m World Cup at Obihiro. Russia, which won the 500m on Saturday, was more than the boss of Kilnus (1.08.39), Olympic champion of 1.07.85.

Two arch-rivals met on the same trip and in the last round Koelizjnikov was able to make the most of the last inside corner. He flew from behind Nuis and stood over him for more than half a second.

Team co-worker Thomas Krol behind Nuis finished third (1.08.62). Other Dutch players were Kai Verbij (5th place from 1.08.91), Hein Otterspeer (13th place from 1.09.93) and newcomer Gijs Esders (17th place from 1.10.53).

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